Element Sports is an industry-leading sports management, marketing and media agency with nearly 100 years’ worth of combined experience representing the best of the best.  Element Sports is known for premium results and for truly putting our clients’ best interests ahead of everything else.

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EXPERIENCE THAT MATTERSPersonalized Approach.  Proven Strategies. Superior Results.

I trust Element Sports. They are not only my agents, but an extension of my family. As a top rated prospect, who suffered a devastating knee injury, I know just how quickly things can change. Element Sports maximized my career to the fullest and have lived up to everything they said they were going to do. That matters.
Marcus Lattimore, RB
Element gets it done. Their experience, resources and leverage are second to none. From being drafted in the 1st round, to negotiating over $150MM in contract revenues, to my marketing, to my brand, helping with my foundation or just being there……they GET IT DONE!
Cameron Heyward, Pittsburgh Steelers
Personal attention matters to me. With Element, I feel important. I speak to them all the time, and I know I’m not “just a guy” to them. They’re very hands-on, and they handle so many different things for me professionally and personally. All I have to do is focus on football, and I know they will handle the rest.
Darius Slayton, New York Giants
What I love about Element is that they are as motivated about my career as I am. They put the same amount of energy into my contract and helping me navigate my career path as I do coaching my players. That means a lot to me and my family. They are very passionate about their work and it shows!
gregg marshall, wichita st. men's basketball coach
Element has a phenomenal reputation in the industry. They are genuine, and they are trustworthy. At Element, they do exactly what they say they are going to do. I can count of them, and I am proud to have them in my corner.
Lynn Bowden, Miami Dolphons
Hardworking. Genuine. Efficient. When it comes to being successful personally & professionally, I was looking for that guidance that matched who & what I was all about. Element exceeds the expectation of allowing me to be just that; successful. Through their hard work & commitment, genuine approach & efficient delivery day in and day out - I am able to focus on excelling at a high level.
Allie Clifton, NBA Reporter
I trust Element Sports. They are an extension of my family. As a top-rated RB prospect, marketing was important to me. Before I was even drafted, Element secured hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of marketing deals for me. Element has delivered on what they said they would do. That matters.
Trey Sermon, San Francisco 49ers